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Kenneth Grimard n1dot1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 13:34:54 EST 2015

yes bob there is a sleep mode cop function that that would do that.

949=cop,49 ;Disable incoming connections (control state NOICE)
950=cop,50 ;Enable incoming connections (control state NOICD)
951=cop,51 ;Enable sleep mode
952=cop,52 ;Disable sleep mode
953=cop,53 ;Wake up from sleep
954=cop,54 ;Go to sleep

the above code can be changed to what you need but the cop functions are 

put this into your rpt.conf

ken n1dot

On 12/4/2015 6:50 AM, Robert Newberry wrote:
> I'm trying to search drupal, and Google with no luck. Is there a way 
> to just disable thr input of my repeater, but still have it repeat 
> network audio? I have a particular repeater that I want to hear it TX, 
> I just don't want the input to be active locally.
> Thank you
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