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Sun Dec 6 10:23:37 EST 2015

See comment below...

On 12/5/2015 11:19 PM, kk6ecm wrote:
> I'm trying to understand private nodes, and building one for test. I have
> some questions.
> Once I setup a private node, can it link with an Allstar node?
Yes and no. With a standard config, no it cannot connect to public 
nodes. But if both the private node and the public node are configured 
then yes these two nodes can connect to each other. Generally private 
nodes cannot connect to any public nodes without modifying the public 
nodes to accent that private nodes.
> If so, how?
> If I wanted to link it to an Allstar node, would I need to make a connection
> in the [nodes] stanza that points to the Allstar node. Or perhaps setup a
> private node on a second server with an Allstar node, that can see its
> associated private node, then permanently link the two servers together
> using the two private nodes?
Public nodes use the Allstar server as an IP lockup. However private 
nodes (node numbers below 2000) cant use this service. So connecting 
private nodes requires the IP of each node to be defined in the NODES 
stanza in rpt.conf.

So if you had node 1234 and wanted to connect to 1235, the nodes stanza 
of 1234 must have the ip of node 1235 defined and in node 1235 must have 
the ip of node 1234 defined. Then the two nodes can connect. This is 
true if both noes are on different servers or in the same box.

The same applies between a private node and a public node, the public 
node must have the IP of the private node defined in its nodes stanza 
and vice versa. Once the two nodes are aware of each other, the 
connection can be made.
> Perhaps the broader question is what functionality can be realized with a
> private node other than permanently hosted to an Allstar node?

Private node can be used to make connections on link systems that are 
"off the grid" or replace an dedicated RF link.

They can also be used as Steve suggested as a "accessory" connection to 
a public node to allow cross connections to be patched in or out with ease.
> Thanks,
> Bob
> kk6ecm

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