[App_rpt-users] DIAL system audio

Thom Proehl k7fzo at arrl.net
Sat Dec 12 12:16:47 EST 2015

I'm hoping someone can help us with a few system audio and
configuration issues:

1). Outgoing audio levels over RF are really hot and distorted from system
generated voice responses such as *70, *81, etc..  How is the audio level
controlled for system responses?
(Voice audio levels are perfect for stations connecting to Allstar or

2). I've enabled Echolink on the node, and the connection (announcement for
who is connecting to which node number) audio levels are very hot and
distorted, actually so distorted that it is just about impossible to
understand when listening over RF. Once again the station connecting sounds
great during the QSO.

3).  The station connecting via Echolink does not get any information
(welcome message) at the beginning of the connection. During this time the
announcement for who is connecting is playing on our end and overriding the
station connecting so audio. Because we cannot hear the station connecting
audio until the end of our connections announcement we completely miss the
stations CQ, callsign, and first 15 to 20 seconds of audio. Most of the
time the station will disconnect before we can respond because they don't
think anyone's listening on our end.
Can the Echolink connection announcement, that can't be understood
anyway due to hot audio, be removed?
Can a greeting message be created that tells the connecting station who
they have connected to with some basic info be created?

4). There appears to be a 20 second time out timer for all connecting
Echolink stations. Right at 20 seconds all audio is lost from the incoming
station. This timer seems to be reset if we just briefly key the microphone
on our end, but this only last for another 20 seconds.
Is there a time out timer for Echolink, and if so how is it controlled?

5). We've been working on creating text to speech scripts for things like
local weather taken from WeatherUnderground, local river height and flow
data taken from the USGS website, etc..  We had this working perfectly on
our EchoIRLP node and would like to implement this on the Allstar node.
Has anyone come up with a text to speech application that works well for
this and can be called upon by Allstar node DTMF commands over RF?

We have asterisk / DIAL installed on a RPi 2, using the DMK URI.
If I've left out critical info that would help solve these questions please
ask, I'm new to Allstar so there is still much to learn.
Are there particularly good websites that cover these questions well?

Thank you!

Thom / K7FZO
Allstar node 42269
Echolink node 98045
Home of WA7VC


73 de K7FZO / Thom
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