[App_rpt-users] Audacity and tailmessages

Chris Curtis demoman at rollanet.org
Sat Dec 12 13:11:31 EST 2015

For me, I decided to make my nodes mp3 capable.

Using notes from:


this way I could 'work' with my audio and then output in a format I liked using across different platforms.
I use soundforge as I've been using that for years but certainly doesn't make the audio better or not :)

I have a recording of a doorbell as my courtesy tone instead of computer generated tones.

The best advice I can give you with audio quality is to make sure you are recording the best audio to start with.
Use a high quality sound input and feed it with a high quality microphone.

Now, I don't mean hundreds of dollars, just use the best equipment BEFORE you get 'digitized'.

Garbage in garbage out even with the filtering capabilities of your software.

Good luck!


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I hit send early but anyone have any suggestions. For polishing audio for reply over a repeater?
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