[App_rpt-users] DIAL manual install from Debian

Skyler F electricity440 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 18:23:15 EST 2015

The manual install is not working, and my RAID is not working either.

I plug in the URI and it flashes a few times and then is steady.
Radio-tune-menu then does not work. The manual install also made my
ethernet stop working so I had to go into a network conf file and add it

RAID 1 is not working either. I physically unplug a hard drive and boot it,
and I get a bunch of errors.

CentOS plays a   l o t   better with RAID 1. ACID was previously installed
and had no problem with the hardware raid.

Any suggestions of what to try next? I have tried N4IRS's script as well as
W0JRL's debian install, none of them work. Right now I just disabled RAID
and am installing DIAL on one of the disks, but I still want to use both so
if one fails at the site.

How does one copy kernel modules to get the raid working?

This is server hardware.

On Sun, Dec 13, 2015 at 3:08 PM, Shamim Shahriar <shamim.shahriar at gmail.com>

> On 13/12/2015 18:49, Skyler F wrote:
> > Does anybody have or know where there are scripts to install AllStar
> > from Debian.
> >
> > For a setup for a repeater site  am using a server computer with two
> > hard drives in a RAID1 configuration so if one is to fail on this 10
> > year old machine, it will still work.
> >
> > I was not able to get DIAL installed but was able to get Debian to work.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Skyler
> > KD0WHB
> >
> Hi Skyler, this might not be an ideal solution, and you might have
> already tried it. In cases like this , I have always found that that
> installing the system on a known working system, later DD-ing the disc
> image and booting into single user mode and fixing things so that
> reflects the new hardware can also be an option. If the kernel versions
> are the same, you might even be able to just copy over the kernel
> modules required to have the raid working or other issues resolved. Have
> you considered this option?
> Hope this helps
> All the best.
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Skyler Fennell
electricity440 at gmail.com
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