[App_rpt-users] rc.updatenodelist

Loren Tedford lorentedford at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 14:12:16 EST 2015


I found an issue here today with rc.updatenodelist for some reason their
was multiple pids with multiple instances of this running on my server so
here is what i did to fix this problem.

in side /etc/asterisk/ folder i created a directory called scripts Example
mkdir scripts
then inside this directory i created a script called nodelistupdate.sh
Example nano nodelistupdate.sh

Once nano has opened up here is what i put inside the script.
killall /usr/local/bin/rc.updatenodelist
sleep 2s
killall rc.updatenodelist
sleep 4s

## Exit nano by ctrl x and saving changes with a y

Next i updated crontab-e to point to my directory and location of my script
*/30 * * * * sh /etc/asterisk/scripts/nodelistupdate.sh

This so far has worked for me and has decreased memory by almost half on my
server.. I hope this helps some one out that is having issues with this
process running away with its self 73's Have a Merry Christmas!!

Loren Tedford (KC9ZHV)
Email: lorentedford at gmail.com
Main Line:1-631-686-8878 Option 1 for Loren.
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