[App_rpt-users] Working on a URI-X breakout - what else would you like?

Reid Brandon rfpowerguy at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 17 23:12:25 EST 2015

Well, is that 330 Ohms into the base of the 2N2222 and 4.7uF caps up and down?  if so that seems like a lot of capacitance, and not much current limiting into the base. Certainly not 4.7pF that's not enough to do anything except limit GHz rf. Speaking of rf, a few ferrite beads might be a good idea, they make tiny ferrite SMD parts now and that would go a long way to preventing some issues seen with rf at high level emi sites.    I presume JP1 and JP2 will be co-located so a jumper can bypass the inverter stage if necessary? I will buy one when it available!  W6MTF 

    On Thursday, December 17, 2015 1:20 PM, Steven Donegan <donegan at donegan.org> wrote:

 Attached is a circuit design that covers breaking out the URI-X pins, supporting the EEPROM, a COS generator for radios which do not have one OR you don't want to hack the radio.
What else might be useful on this board design? When it is 'done' I will have boards made and folks can buy them if desired.
And Merry Christmas/Happy New Years
BTW - please critique/validate the design.
 Steven Donegan
KK6IVC General Class FCC License
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