[App_rpt-users] Registration Issues

Bobby Lacey kf4gta at amsat.org
Wed Dec 23 11:45:41 EST 2015


Every few months, we run into a problem where our nodes will de-register
with register.allstarlink.org and just set there before timing out and
retrying. It never does register until it just magically starts working
again often many days later.

I haven't really had time to troubleshooted it before, but since I'm home
from work for a few days, I'm trying to trace down the problem.

Something interesting I've found: These nodes are sitting on my 44Net ( address space and get the following when I try to wget nodes.pl:

[root at 146-760 ~]# wget http://nodes1.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/nodes.pl
--2015-12-23 11:36:23--  http://nodes1.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/nodes.pl
Resolving nodes1.allstarlink.org (nodes1.allstarlink.org)...
Connecting to nodes1.allstarlink.org
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403
2015-12-23 11:36:23 ERROR 403: (no description).

[root at 146-760 ~]# wget http://nodes2.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/nodes.pl
--2015-12-23 11:36:57--  http://nodes2.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/nodes.pl
Resolving nodes2.allstarlink.org (nodes2.allstarlink.org)...
Connecting to nodes2.allstarlink.org
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2015-12-23 11:36:57 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

[root at 146-760 ~]# wget http://nodes3.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/nodes.pl
--2015-12-23 11:37:28--  http://nodes3.allstarlink.org/cgi-bin/nodes.pl
Resolving nodes3.allstarlink.org (nodes3.allstarlink.org)...
Connecting to nodes3.allstarlink.org
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403
2015-12-23 11:37:28 ERROR 403: (no description).

When I try from my ISP's public IP (non 44Net), it works fine. This is just
an observation and I'm not sure if it actually is the problem.

 Anyone have any ideas?

Tnx and 73

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