[App_rpt-users] Android IAX client for AllStar

Sione Ragle ke6sth at ke6sth.ampr.org
Sat Dec 26 02:15:57 EST 2015

I was giving this app a try on my cell phone, when I connect the app_rpt 
PTT goes active and there was no indication that my repeater PTT was 
stuck on, to stop it I had to push the PTT on the phone to keyup and PTT 
again to unkey then the app_rpt will unkey.

I tested it, and it happens even time the phone connects to asterisk box 
the asterisk PTT will go active and you dont even push the PTT on the 
phone for this to happen..


On 9/21/2015 6:02 PM, Steve Zingman wrote:
> New version to test:
> Add connected node to number status screen.
> Mute transmitted audio while PTT not asserted.
> (This will work with nodes setup for VOX)
> Added exit to option menu.
> Slight change to keypad. Added keys A B C D.
> Version 1.6
> We have built a early beta version of a Android IAXRPT Client.
> This is a simple Android app that will connect with a AllStar Asterisk 
> node.
> Think IAXRPT for Android. It has a PTT button!
> <https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ey9u0tvtdedgh4/AndroVoIP.apk?dl=0>
> This is a early build. There are a lot of feature to add and I'm sure 
> bugs.
> The client only supports ulaw at this time.
> For backspace use the virtual keyboard. Press Send to send commands and
> node numbers.
> There is only one account supported.
> To create an account, tap the Account button,
> Tap IAX2 No Account defined to open the account dialog.
> Hostname: FQDN or IP address of the server.
> Port: UDP default is 4569
> Username: matching iax.conf stanza
> Password: matching iax.conf stanza
> CallerID: this can be displayed in Allmon and the AllStar node status 
> page.
> Caller Number: not used yet.
> Save: Press to save account information.
> Press back button to go to main screen.
> Enter node number and press send.
> PTT bar will be white while connected to node red whie transmitting.
> See<https://github.com/N4IRS/AllStar/blob/master/configs/iax.conf> for
> iaxclient stanza
> See
> <https://github.com/N4IRS/AllStar/blob/master/configs/extensions.conf> 
> for iax-client stanza
> Feel free to download and try out. Please report bugs and feature to me.
> I will also be happy to answer questions here on the list.
> 73, Steve N4IRS

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