[App_rpt-users] Redundancy

Robert Newberry N1XBM at amsat.org
Sat Dec 26 16:34:46 EST 2015

I was talking with another sysop on our little network up here.
Occasionally some little internet hiccup will cause the network to go down
at the hub we use. We also rely on allmon2 for "command and control"

Is it possible in asterisk if there is a problem with the network
connection at the system hub to automatically shift the connected repeaters
somewhere else?
Allmon2 two isn't an issue since we can leave that running full time at the
"backup location" and we can just access it from the alternate address.

Currently we manually shift everything and it doesn't happen often. I was
just wondering if anyone has automated it.

Apparare Scientor
Paratus Communicare
Allstar Node # 27086, 41540, 41812, 42086, 42658
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