[App_rpt-users] USB Adapter has no EEPROM installed

Fred Moore fred at fmeco.com
Sun Nov 1 12:32:05 EST 2015

Larry can't answer #1.
I simply program the radio to provide what I want on the accessory
connector, then there is no EEPROM needed.

As for answer #2
When you have COS and CTCSS (PL) available use simpleUSB it not only
requires less processing power, it also does not suffer from degraded

Just add the file and stanza you need..

regards.. Fred

On 11/1/15 6:21 AM, Larry da Ponte wrote:
> Two questions for the group:
> #1 I'm seeing this in my /var/log/asterisk - I'm using a DMK URI with
> EEPROM and a Motorola GM300 with one of Marshall's Motorola Maxtrac,
> GM300 and M120 16 Pin Radio to URI cables.
> [Nov  1 11:30:05] NOTICE[6852] chan_usbradio.c: USB Adapter has no
> EEPROM installed or Checksum BAD on channel usb42372
> I understand that the benefit of the DMK URI with EEPROM is that the
> interface configuration can be stored in the URI as apposed to (where
> else?) - is this URI EEPROM feature taken advantage of with app_rpt
> and associated drivers?
> #2 How do I choose which channel driver to use - simpleusb or
> USBRadio?  From what I've been able to learn through varius wikis and
> posts on the subject, I would want to use simpleusb because all of the
> hardware connections for COS and CTCSS are provided so there is no
> reason to use the DSP features of USBRadio thus simplifying what the
> driver has to do and perhaps lowering the CPU utilization.  I've also
> read some posts that describe audio degredation in the USBRadio driver
> but I can't tell you the cause.  I expect the right answer here is for
> me to try out both and experiment - which I will do but would
> appreciate any wisdome from the group on their experience with these
> drivers when using the DMK URI and hardware connections for
> COS/CTCSS.  My current configuration below is getting favorable audio
> reports.
> I have no simpleusb.conf in my /etc/asterisk
> I have usbradio.conf and usbradio_tune_usb42372.conf
> I have the following in my rpt.conf: rxchannel=Radio/usb42372
> I have the following in my usbradio.conf:
> [usb42372]
> hdwtype=0
> rxboost=1
> txboost=1
> rxctcssrelax=1
> txctcssdefault=71.9
> rxctcssfreqs=71.9
> txctcssfreqs=71.9
> ;rxctcssoverride=0
> carrierfrom=dsp
> ctcssfrom=dsp
> rxdemod=flat
> txprelim=yes
> txlimonly=no
> txtoctype=notone
> txmixa=composite
> txmixb=no
> invertptt=0
> duplex=0
> rxondelay=0
> rxnoisefiltype=0
> eeprom=1
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