[App_rpt-users] USB Adapter has no EEPROM installed

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Sun Nov 1 14:26:13 EST 2015

Does the DMK URI ship with a EEPROM installed?
I think it's external on the DB25 male connected to the URI. If there.

On 11/01/2015 06:21 AM, Larry da Ponte wrote:
> Two questions for the group:
> #1 I'm seeing this in my /var/log/asterisk - I'm using a DMK URI with 
> EEPROM and a Motorola GM300 with one of Marshall's Motorola Maxtrac, 
> GM300 and M120 16 Pin Radio to URI cables.
> [Nov  1 11:30:05] NOTICE[6852] chan_usbradio.c: USB Adapter has no 
> EEPROM installed or Checksum BAD on channel usb42372
> I understand that the benefit of the DMK URI with EEPROM is that the 
> interface configuration can be stored in the URI as apposed to (where 
> else?) - is this URI EEPROM feature taken advantage of with app_rpt 
> and associated drivers?
> #2 How do I choose which channel driver to use - simpleusb or 
> USBRadio?  From what I've been able to learn through varius wikis and 
> posts on the subject, I would want to use simpleusb because all of the 
> hardware connections for COS and CTCSS are provided so there is no 
> reason to use the DSP features of USBRadio thus simplifying what the 
> driver has to do and perhaps lowering the CPU utilization.  I've also 
> read some posts that describe audio degredation in the USBRadio driver 
> but I can't tell you the cause.  I expect the right answer here is for 
> me to try out both and experiment - which I will do but would 
> appreciate any wisdome from the group on their experience with these 
> drivers when using the DMK URI and hardware connections for 
> COS/CTCSS.  My current configuration below is getting favorable audio 
> reports.
> I have no simpleusb.conf in my /etc/asterisk
> I have usbradio.conf and usbradio_tune_usb42372.conf
> I have the following in my rpt.conf: rxchannel=Radio/usb42372
> I have the following in my usbradio.conf:
> [usb42372]
> hdwtype=0
> rxboost=1
> txboost=1
> rxctcssrelax=1
> txctcssdefault=71.9
> rxctcssfreqs=71.9
> txctcssfreqs=71.9
> ;rxctcssoverride=0
> carrierfrom=dsp
> ctcssfrom=dsp
> rxdemod=flat
> txprelim=yes
> txlimonly=no
> txtoctype=notone
> txmixa=composite
> txmixb=no
> invertptt=0
> duplex=0
> rxondelay=0
> rxnoisefiltype=0
> eeprom=1
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