[App_rpt-users] USB Adapter has no EEPROM installed

REDBUTTON_CTRL jrorke at cogeco.ca
Sun Nov 1 18:43:04 EST 2015

Actually this is easily fixed. First set up the first node and do all 
audio cals.
Then save the with radio tune save. That also saves the usb slot that 
URI /Fob is connected to in the tune file for that node.

Plug in the second uri and make the second node active. Then setup the 
the second node and audio cals. Then save the radio tune settings to 
save the usb slot for that node in the second tune file.

Now if you reboot the box it should remember which nodes are on what URI.

I have done this with many nodes with multiple nodes and it works all 
the time. If you dont do this when setting up the nodes the URIs will 
get jumbled up as its a crap shoot at boot up when the sw will detect 
the usb devices.


On 11/1/2015 6:38 PM, Bryan Fields wrote:
> On 11/1/15 3:04 PM, Jim Duuuude wrote:
>> (the USB stuff leaves a lot to be desired as far
>> as port/device identification, and if you "move stuff around", it can be VERY hard to deal with).
> This, so much this.  I had a friend who was ragging on asterisk/allstar
> sounding like crap, even after it was adjusted proper.
> I helped him set it up and indeed it was back to sounding like crap the next week.
> Turns out his USB adapters were randomly coming up as different nodes when the
> server would reboot.  I put a pciradio card in there and solved it.
> Can't really say enough good things about those pciradio cards.

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