[App_rpt-users] DIAL distribution : a few questions

Toussaint OTTAVI t.ottavi at bc-109.com
Mon Nov 2 04:43:09 EST 2015


After my first attempts with manual compilation on a Cubox (ARM7), I saw 
the new DIAL distribution, and I installed it on a RPi2. Thank you, 
Steve, for the great work :-) The choice of a Debian base, and the 
choice of the targets (rpi2 and i386) are exactly what I need :-)

Now, a few questions :

1/ I saw a 'warning' about upgrading the kernel on ARM7 platforms, 
because it's not fully supported by Debian. Can we safely do an "apt-get 
upgrade", or should we make a sdcard backup before ?

2/ Are the Asterisk and app_rpt sources included ? If so, where ?

3/ How will the future app_rpt updates made available ?

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