[App_rpt-users] Diagnostic and tuning tools ?

Toussaint OTTAVI t.ottavi at bc-109.com
Mon Nov 2 04:59:17 EST 2015

Hi again,

Doing my first experiments with an USB sound card and usbradio module, I 
was wondering about available tools for diagnostic and tuning.

I saw the "radio tune xxxx" commands, but they seem very basic to me :
- For the inputs, I'd like something more "visual", some kind of 
"vu-meter" (such as the output of "arecord -V mono >null")
- For the outputs, I'd like to be able to generate sine waves with 
variable amplitude

Did I miss something ? Are there any useful third-party tools that can 
be used for troubleshooting and tuning ? Is it possible to use generic 
alsa tools simultaneously with usbradio module ? For example, "arecord 
-V mono >null" (which displays a bargraph of the audio input) does not 
want to run when Asterisk is running, and usbradio module is attached to 
the soundcard.

Also, is there a way, in Asterisk, to display the level of every 
extension with a vu-meter or %-level view, in real-time ? In case of a 
node receiving several audio flows (remote repeater, echolink, remote 
user with iax client, etc...), the idea is to "visualize" all the audio 
levels, so that we can see if there are differences or not.

Thank you in advance for your answers. I apologize in advance if some of 
them are obvious :-)

73 de TK1BI
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