[App_rpt-users] Need help connecting a Baofeng UV-5R with DMK URI-x

Steven Donegan donegan at donegan.org
Tue Nov 3 08:37:56 EST 2015

I am also looking to connect a UV-5R to the URI-X but using ONLY the speaker/mike jack and usbradio with DSP detection of audio - the radio will do the CTCSS handling and should only provide audio when CTCSS is met.
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 Subject: [App_rpt-users] Need help connecting a Baofeng UV-5R with DMK URI-x
Dear List members

Good morning. I need a bit of help in connecting a Baofeng UV-5R with
DMK URIx device. I have googled as much as I practically could, but
still could not decide/confirm as to what should be the approach.

First of all, I came across the pin-out for the baofeng at Miklor site
I have also seen how DMK suggests any generic radio should be connected
at http://www.dmkeng.com/images/9080-FRS.pdf

And finally, I have found the site that shows how to get the COR out of
baofeng http://alaskareflector.org/zl1nc/UV-COS.html

Now, my expertise in electronics is sub-zero -- I know some very basics
about what component does what, and that's all. So, I have several
questions, and would appreciate if someone with sufficient relevant
experience could please point me to the correct decision.

1. the URI diagram uses several resistors, do I really need them? Or
should I just connect things direct?
2. the main URI diagram shows pin 7 as CTCSS_det and pin 8 as COR_det,
so should I connect the COR from baofeng to pin 8?
3. based on what I can understand from all the links above, I should connect

large stereo body -> D-Sub pin 1
large stereo ring -> D-Sub pin 22
small stereo tip -> D-Sub pin 21
COR (taken from pin 2 of the IC) -> D-Sub pin 8

Is the above correct? Or do you have different experience?

Thanks for your response.


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