[App_rpt-users] RFI on Baofeng Node with sound fob.

Skyler F electricity440 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 10:54:09 EST 2015

To this day every Baofeng Node with a modified sound fob I have built has
had some RF problem or another.

The first node had a horrible bus noise whine through the transmit audio.

My next nodes have weird issues, where when the transmitter drops, the node
double-keys or even triple-keys, and I hear the courtesy beep a few times.

Lastly, the sound fob is giving me a lot of RF noise on all UHF frequencies
while my node is not transmitting and will break a Carrier Squelch handheld
if the HT is within 5 feet or so of the node.

How does this node not have any problems?:


What is the best way to kill this RF issue?

Skyler KD0WHB
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