[App_rpt-users] RFI on Baofeng Node with sound fob. (Skyler F)

B. McIntosh [Pace] bmcintosh at paceprofessional.co.uk
Tue Nov 3 12:45:28 EST 2015


The node that I built for a Baofeng UV5R is not the cleanest sounding in the
world.  There is a slightly perceptible "buzzing" on TX audio. It doesn't
get a lot of use and its purpose in life is as part of an emcomm system.
The speech itself comes over sifficiently clear so I haven't tried anything
yet to cure it. 

This one uses the DMK URI and is built into  a Hammond diecast box. You can
see photos of it at http://www.feednet.org.uk/remotebase.htm



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   1. RFI on Baofeng Node with sound fob. (Skyler F)


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Subject: [App_rpt-users] RFI on Baofeng Node with sound fob.
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To this day every Baofeng Node with a modified sound fob I have 
built has had some RF problem or another.

The first node had a horrible bus noise whine through the 
transmit audio.

My next nodes have weird issues, where when the transmitter 
drops, the node double-keys or even triple-keys, and I hear the 
courtesy beep a few times.

Lastly, the sound fob is giving me a lot of RF noise on all UHF 
frequencies while my node is not transmitting and will break a 
Carrier Squelch handheld if the HT is within 5 feet or so of the node.

How does this node not have any problems?:


What is the best way to kill this RF issue?

Skyler KD0WHB
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