[App_rpt-users] List Privacy

mike at midnighteng.com mike at midnighteng.com
Thu Nov 5 12:42:04 EST 2015

I will protest this one time only ...

The only reason I use this list is security and privacy a text based email
reflector provides a good level of protection and is why I do not use
other social media and yahoo groups etc.

Now even if you do, you should respect my wishes and honer my privacy.

Those of you who share my and others contact info  "by sharing your
address book" with these social services are violating a personal trust.
You are actually signing your friends up for things without asking.

Please, don't do this. I AM SURE You will just hate it when I share yours
with a few you will not like.

Those of you who use LINKEDIN and the like and give away the email
addresses of all those that converse "directly" with you have been
striking a very sore nerve with me for some time.

I will no longer converse direct with anyone on a individual bases because
of that. Group email only.

I will no longer reply to those that have done this in the past "at all".

Anyone sharing my email in the future will get their email shared as well
and then you can enjoy that the same as I do.


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