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41.2 Jim 41.2jim at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 04:47:59 EST 2015

    I've installed the new DIAL, Debian version software, upgrading from
the ACID install for Allstarlink and I could not be any happier.... I found
the install so much easier to install and could say it "holds your hand"
all the way through, and any mistakes can easily be restarted again with a
simple command,(portal, network ect..) . At least I found it a lot more
simple than the ACID install.
   It has been rock solid since the install, about 3 weeks now, and is
faster in every way, the reboot is only a 10 seconds until you are back to
the log in, as my ACID install would hang at the "sendmail" part of the
     I am a Windows guy and I know almost nothing about Linux, this new
software was "Cake" to install

I have now started to help friends to upgrade to the new DIAL software, as
I said it's very easy change. Thought you all should know

Thanks to all that was involved in this new software

                                       Jim Frederick KF6QBW
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