[App_rpt-users] Audio popping

Robert Newberry N1XBM at amsat.org
Sat Nov 14 17:59:31 EST 2015

I have a 6m mastr ii at my office which is a low RF site. I had this poping
sound like audio cables being connected into a live audio source. I
guessed/summarized that RF was getting into things. I installed ferrites at
the input and output of the DMK URI and I also bonded the PC cabinet to the
ground of the repeater chassis. The problem was fixed.

I have a two repeater site with one desktop pc controlling a 6m mastr ii
and a 2m msr2000 and I was hearing the same thing. This is at a high RF
site. I took the same approach and the problem is reduced, but not

Does anyone have any suggestions as to getting a better reduction. I'm
figuring if I'm on the right path if what I've currently done has made an
improvement. I was wondering if I put the URI into a sealed metal box if
that would do anything.

Apparare Scientor
Paratus Communicare
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