[App_rpt-users] SSB voter

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Sun Nov 15 14:00:18 EST 2015

Pretty tough to measure s/n on it. Simulcast suggests same frequency. 
The combination of varying propagation, network delay and propagation 
delays seem to make that not a great combination.

I have put a SSB node on briefly just to see if it works. Did a test on 
432 SSB and also on 10. The 432 rig was IC-490 and the 10m was a 
Micom-2. Used the squelch output from the micom as COS and my add-on 
voice detecting squelch for the IC-490 for COS. It works. FM works 
better. You can not really play DTMF into it unless you're really right 
on freq. The micom seemed to do it, the IC-490 (talked in on a FT-857D) 
didn't. Even Selcall for aviation, which sounds like DTMF over SSB 
isn't, that actually goes out AM so there is no need for tight freq 

Control would need to be over the net. Not over the air. You could 
probably concoct some scheme where you play ASCII in and decode it, may 
be more forgiving, etc.


On 11/14/2015 7:29 PM, Skyler Fennell wrote:
> Is it possible to vote with SSB?
> I picture a simplex HF setup with voters / simulcast all around the world linked with the web. Any similar ideas?

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