[App_rpt-users] Asterisk reboots-Clocking error

Mark DuMoulin @ WB2ERS wb2ers at metcom.com
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Good afternoon. Is there a way to link two rpt.conf repeaters without using startup_macro?
In my understanding startup_macro uses DTMF which would be blocked by other devices before it reaches Asterisk.

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Reading you post again; if what you want to do is just have an RTCM and a URI you have to have two nodes. One for the URI and one for the RTCM.



duplex=2 # for repeater


# connect URI to RTCM at startup





duplex=2 #for repeater



SITE1 = passwrd1,transmit

SITE2 = passwrd2

SITE3 = passwrd3

buflen = 250

plfilter = y

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 3:45 PM, Tim Sawyer <tisawyer at gmail.com<mailto:tisawyer at gmail.com>> wrote:
Not sure what you want to do, but assuming you want to tie a bunch of controllers together, replacing 420 links for example,
you don't need radbridge to bridge RTCMs. Just put all the RTCM under one node in voter.conf. The secret here is mixminus which stops a second repeat path back to the RTCM.




linktolink = yes



SITE1 = passwrd1,transmit,nodeemp,noplfilter

SITE2 = passwrd2,transmit,nodeemp,noplfilter

SITE3 = passwrd3,transmit,nodeemp,noplfilter

buflen = 250

mixminus = y

plfilter = n

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 9:47 AM, Mark DuMoulin @ WB2ERS <wb2ers at metcom.com<mailto:wb2ers at metcom.com>> wrote:
Hello All,

I am running ACID with URI connected.
I also have repeaters using RTCM units.
When I attempt to use radbridge.conf to combine RTCM and URI as shown below:

instance1 = Voter/rtcm,Radio/usb

This is what happens:

[Nov 13 12:37:01] NOTICE[12655]: chan_usbradio.c:3273 usbradio_request: Already have a call (chan 0x91b4d18) on the usb channel
[Nov 13 12:37:03] NOTICE[12613]: app_rpt.c:22002 rpt_master: RPT thread restarted on 1448
[Nov 13 12:37:03] WARNING[12613]: app_rpt.c:22014 rpt_master: rpt_thread restarted on node 1448
    -- Re-Loading config for repeater 1448
[Nov 13 12:37:03] NOTICE[12656]: chan_usbradio.c:3273 usbradio_request: Already have a call (chan 0x91b4d18) on the usb channel
[Nov 13 12:37:05] ERROR[12613]: app_rpt.c:21997 rpt_master: Continual RPT thread restarts, killing Asterisk

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this is occurring or a different approach on combining the URI and RTCM end points?
Mark DuMoulin
Wb2ers at metcom.com<mailto:Wb2ers at metcom.com>
C 800-410-3130<tel:800-410-3130>

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