[App_rpt-users] Raspberry pi dial uri eeprom broken?

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
Tue Nov 17 20:18:59 EST 2015

I just set up a new node using a raspberry pi and the dial distribution. I have a uri with an eeprom in it. It was tuned and config saved on the EEPROM. On startup I get the message USB Adapter has no EEPROM installed or Checksum BAD on channel usbXXXXX.  

I then retuned the URI and did a radio tune save and asterisk said it was saving to the eeprom. Then reloaded asterisk and go the same message as above.  

Did the whole procedure again using another URI and EEPROM.  SAME PROBLEM.

Tried both URIs on my x86 acid box and it worked fine.

So is this a dial on raspberry pi problem or does this happen on x86 too?

Thanks & 73,

Scott KB2EAR

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