[App_rpt-users] Help on the obvious please !

Dan Hyman km6hk at icloud.com
Wed Nov 25 12:41:42 EST 2015

I am not a guru on AllStar so need help on the obvious:

How do I obtain the following information for any given node on the system for configuration of iaxRpt client? :

For iaxRpt I need:

        1;)  How do I obtain the IP address for any given node on the system?
	2.) The host is IPaddress, right ?
	3.) Username for that system  
	4.) Password for that system

For example, I am trying to configure iaxRp client t and need to know the information and the host / username / password

From my own system I can get this dump:
Can I get this from any given user on the system -or-
Can I assume that  “allstar-public” with password of “allstar” is universally installed ??

KM6HK*CLI> iax2 show users
Username         Secret                Authen           Def.Context      A/C    Codec Pref
gui              dan94025              000000000000002  radio-gui        No     Host
allstar-public   allstar               000000000000002  allstar-public   No     Host
allstar-sys      Key: allstar          000000000000004  allstar-sys      No     Host
radio            -no secret-           000000000000003  radio-secure     No     Host

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