[App_rpt-users] Noob problems with DIAL installation

Greg Mohr Greg at gmohr.com
Mon Nov 30 22:09:29 EST 2015

I am new to Linux after about 20 yrs away from programming  on it.  I installed the image cleanly and was able to logon and change the password, set a new hostname, and a static IP to match port forwarding on my firewall.  I then get prompted to enter my Allstar id and password...that's the point I cannot get past.  I am registered and online on the website fine, my node shows up in a greyed out box in the all nodes list.  But on the DIAL install, I enter my id and password ankeep getting prompter to reenter the password over & over until it fails.  I have tried using my website ID and password combo, the node and website password combo, the node and pin combo, nothing works and it is the same, the system reprompts for the password adinifnitum.

I have reinstall the DIAL at least 10 times so far and reached a level of frustration as to where to go next...help!

Thank you


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