[App_rpt-users] mikrotik and Allstar registration problem

R Dahl ve6ars at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 15:17:43 EDT 2015

I have an Acid (40526) server with an rtcm for radio connection.  The
mikrotik router has 3 wan connections with the acid server connected to its
lan ports as well as the rtcm.  My problem is that the registration
requests appear to go out an arbitrary wan port rather than the one I want
it to use.
I try to force it to use a particular wan by assigning a routing mark based
on its ip and then have the desired wan with the same routing mark.  This
approach works for splitting workstations and servers among the wan's but
the asterisk registration process ignores it.

iax2 registration shows it as perceived as one of the other wans and is not
traceroute from asterisk server shows it using the desired wan.

This is all mostly over my payscale.

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