[App_rpt-users] text to speech /google_tts

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Sat Sep 5 20:40:21 EDT 2015

Trying to get weather stuff running on a new RPi and it isn't flying. I 
have chased it to the Google side. The snippets of words get sent to 
google translator, and mp3 files come back, and the script sticks all 
the files together in order. But the routine fails in lame conversion. I 
have taken other mp3's and lame converts them fine. When I try to run 
either the assembled mp3 or one of the individual mp3 files I get header 
error on them. Also noted that the individual files, maybe 50-80 of them 
are only about 400 bytes long and after cat puts them together the file 
is maybe 50k, which sounds wrong. I didn't do anything to this stuff, 
just using what was in Doug's Raspberry Pi distro, which otherwise works 

Anybody have any suggestions on this conversion? I see older versions of 
w0anm's scripts do not sent the text to Google for conversion but 
instead use one of two applications to convert them. Guessing the choice 
to move it off the pi was based on processor horsepower.


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