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USB and USBinvert are used only when you are using hardware signals from 
the radio to provide cor and CTCSS decode.

If you are using DSP for Carrierfrom and CTCSSFROM in your usbradio.conf 
file then the usb and usbinvert are not used.

If you were to use the hardware signals from the radio then you would 
select either usb or usbinvert depending the logic signal the radio 

For example: If you are using carrierfrom=usb then the cor line on the 
URI would need to be connected to the cor (or CAS). If the signal goes 
to ground with no signal (Squelched) and goes hi (unsquelched), the URI 
will see the logic signal and treat it as the squelch is open.

If the radio signal goes low WITH a signal (unsquelched) and goes hi 
(squelched) then set the carrierfrom to usbinvert.

So the usb setting is for signals that go hi (Active hi) and USBinvert 
is for signals that go low (Active low).

the same perameters also apply for the CTCSSfrom seting. for this the 
CTCSs decode line must also be connected in the URI.

One other note:

When using these hardware signals, it is important to know that the URI 
hardware detection depends on the transition going to ground and not 
providing a voltage. It is possible some radios will provide a voltage 
swing with a squelch or tone decode, but not go to ground when there is 
no voltage.

In the Master II, if I remember, the CTCSS decode does go to ground with 
the correct tone but does not provide a voltage. For this connection the 
usbinvert would work for ctcssfrom.

But, the CAS is the opposite and provides a voltage when unsquelched but 
doesn go to ground when squelched.

For this reason I alsways installed a NPN transistor to invert the 
signal in the radio to provide me with a Active low signal for CAS.

Since you are using DSP for Carrierfrom and ctcssfrom, then you can 
ignore the hardware signals.

Hope this helps,


On 9/20/2015 11:16 AM, Robert Newberry wrote:
> I've gotten a lot of good info. I've got some work to do to figure 
> this strange noise out.
> I do have one question.
> Ctcssfrom=dsp is what I use. I currently use a DMKURI. I've noticed 
> the USB and USBinvert mention using a USB fob. Can anyone elaborate on 
> the differences of these two?
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