[App_rpt-users] AllStar Node / repeater radios

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Thu Sep 24 09:15:31 EDT 2015

Being a DSP based radio, the BF888 is a cheap low power analog only RF 
package. Given the lack of discriminator and modulator access it is limited.

For a receiver the Maxtrac  / Radius / GM300 work well. For a 
transmitter not so much. Heat output and with the Maxtrac, problems with 
power and deviation control out of band can cause problems without 
custom firmware or hardware hacks.

My absolute favorite RF gear for Analog / Digital repeaters is Tait. The 
T800 series is a purpose built programmable Exciter / Receiver package. 
With access to all the signals anyone would want. I started using them 
for 927 MHz repeaters and have had great performance on UHF and VHF. Mix 
and match at will. Pair a VHF receiver with a UHF or 900 MHz transmitter 
for a nice RF linked receiver site. For link radios simplex nodes and 
"Hot Spots" I've come to favor the Tait T2000 mobiles. They are easy to 
program, well documented, lots of IO and run cool in transmit.

The above is not to say there are not a LOT of great repeater / node 
packages out there. The GE MASTR II comes to mind. I have to mention the 
Micor to keep the flack down. ;) I've built repeaters using everything 
from a Motorola 30D to current equipment.

Your mileage may vary.

73, Steve N4IRS

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