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Wed Sep 30 09:03:26 EDT 2015


We have someone on the repeater doing multiple small tx on a random pattern (this can last 10 minute at a time) so all we ear is the telemetry of the repeater and it kind of get on the nerve of many.

We did lower the audio level of the telemetry were we almost dont ear it, yet the bozo continu on tx ing short (less then a second) ptt.. 

We are building some DDDF ( digital Doppler direction finder)  that will monitor the input freq of our 2 repeater and will logs the bearing of at least 4 of them on a central server with time stamps..

I need a way to extract from asterisk when someone do make a lots of short ptt and compare them to the logs from our DDDF. that way after some data collection we will see if the offender is on the move or mostly at the same place. and at the same time we will see if it is random or if there is some kind of pattern in time so that we will be able to find the offender and finally be done with it.. this been going on for years..

Anyone can point me ia way to extract such data from asterisk ? or find a way with action command to put that kind of stuff in a file?


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