[App_rpt-users] think I asked wrong..

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Wed Sep 30 09:45:31 EDT 2015

Until proven otherwise (meaning: you've clearly identified someone 
interfering), don't rule out spurious intermod and/or other dirty nearby 
transmitters. I've had this exact scenario several times and found some 
surprising causes---like a trucker with a very dirty and loud CB radio that 
was briefly keying a Kenwood TKR-850 (UHF!!!) even with receive PL tone 
enabled! This would happen for several minutes at a time, while he drove 
thru the area! 

As for logging transmission info, in the repeater stanza in 
/etc/asterisk/rpt.conf, try setting the parameter:

archivedir=<directory path to save files>

Then, you'll have a good quality audio and telemetry log of what's going 
on. Note that on my systems, I've made a new directory using (from the 
command prompt):

mkdir /var/snd
chmod 1777 /var/snd

Then, in rpt.conf I've got:


Good luck chasing the interference. Persistence pays off.

73, David KB4FXC

On Wed, 30 Sep 2015, Jeff Carrier wrote:

> I usually just remotely change the input ctcss tone and they usually
> disappear.
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 7:03 AM, Pete M <petem001 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi.
> >
> > We have someone on the repeater doing multiple small tx on a random
> > pattern (this can last 10 minute at a time) so all we ear is the telemetry
> > of the repeater and it kind of get on the nerve of many.
> >
> > We did lower the audio level of the telemetry were we almost dont ear it,
> > yet the bozo continu on tx ing short (less then a second) ptt..
> >
> > We are building some DDDF ( digital Doppler direction finder)  that will
> > monitor the input freq of our 2 repeater and will logs the bearing of at
> > least 4 of them on a central server with time stamps..
> >
> > I need a way to extract from asterisk when someone do make a lots of short
> > ptt and compare them to the logs from our DDDF. that way after some data
> > collection we will see if the offender is on the move or mostly at the same
> > place. and at the same time we will see if it is random or if there is some
> > kind of pattern in time so that we will be able to find the offender and
> > finally be done with it.. this been going on for years..
> >
> > Anyone can point me ia way to extract such data from asterisk ? or find a
> > way with action command to put that kind of stuff in a file?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> >
> >
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