[App_rpt-users] Podcast Server

Danny mynixmail at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 12:03:17 EST 2016

>On Dec 02 16, Eric Guth :
> Dear Danny, 
> This is very clever.  Thanks for including my podcast, QSO Today, in your Allstar jukebox of podcasts. 
> 73, 
> Eric Guth
> 4Z1UG
> Allstar: 28422
> QSO Today

Hi Eric,

It is only a pleasure. I have been listening to your podcast for so long and I
thought it would be befitting to repay you and all the others that have podcasts
in such a manner.

Would you believe me if I told you the same evening I advertised "Play
Something" on this list we experienced heavy thunderstorms which forced me to
shut down the whole system ... lol ...

But at least I got to test my skills at unplugging everything within a flash. I
think I broke my own record ... less than 4 minutes to pull the plug and
disconnect all feedlines ... 

However, on a slightly different note ... please guys, if you register with a
mistyped callsign contact me immediately in order for me to rectify it. Too many
hams blamed the system, but when I checked the database and their original
registration e-mail, they mistyped/misspelled their own callsigns and/or e-mail

Some of you asked me to give a little more detail, so here goes.

"Play Something" does exactly what it's name says, it "Plays Something". You
don't know what you are going to get. But I guarantee you will not hear the same
podcast played more than once in 3 months or more (except for ARRL news). The
algorithm I have developed will prevent this from happening. Podcasts are not
randomly selected, but rather in a fashion where you will be able to follow a
certain podcast provider from his first podcast to his last podcast in a
sequential order. Also, you will not hear the same podcaster twice in a row.

"Play Something" observes time-outs. It transmits for 150 seconds, then unkeys
for 10 seconds. I think 10 seconds should be enough for anyone to squeeze
through a DTMF code ... ;) ...

Oh yes ... one important thing ... YOU NEED TO CONNECT TO MY NODE to listen ...
people send me mails telling me "Play Something" is not working but they never
even connected ... ;) ...

"Play Something" is for EVERYONE and ANYONE for FREE (for as long as possible).
I have no problem if you park your node permanently at my node whilst you are
just listening ... that's just fine by me ...

I am open to suggestions ... and if you have a podcaster you would like to add
you are more than welcome to make a suggestion

Thank you


AllStar node 44081
EchoLink ZS6XOX-R

zs6xox at gmail.com

(p.s: Thank you for listening ...)

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