[App_rpt-users] Auto Start Node

Chris Viningre chrisviningre at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 17:10:00 EST 2016

I'm tring to setup an auto start to another node when rebooting. I found 
some commands that worked but my files got overwritten when I did a 
nodesetup and downloaded new files from allstar. I did a search and 
found codes for Allstar Permanent Node Connection. This doesnt seem to 
work for me. I'm sure a mistake on my end. I'm using a laptop running 
Dial software. Thanks for any help.

Chris Viningre
70 W. Roadrunner
Salt Flat, Texas 79847
C:(915) 504-1510
chrisviningre at gmail.com
Amateur Radio Operator: WS5B

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