[App_rpt-users] Private nodes connecting through public hub

Corey Lardinois (KB9BNA) clardinois-apprpt at lardinois.us
Thu Dec 22 13:32:01 EST 2016

Hi all,
Sorry if this has been discussed before and I haven't seen it, but I'm working on networking a few repeaters with AllStar.  The intention is to have these repeaters permanently linked.
I am considering using my public node number as a hub and linking each repeater into the hub using private node numbers so that the entire network appears as a single node number for both incoming and outgoing calls.  Additional repeaters would likely be added to the network later without needing new public node numbers.
In that configuration inbound calls to the network should work fine into the hub, but I believe the *4 command mode would need to be used from the private nodes in order to originate the outbound call from the hub node.  Instead I'd still like to be able to support the standard *1,*2,*3 commands from the private nodes so that calls will originate from the hub without users needing to use the *4 command.
I've experimented with functions *1,*2,*3 running a cmd script to pull the "Last DTMF command executed" from rpt stats, but it doesn't appear that extra digits of the command (i.e. the called node number) are captured in the last DTMF command string.  And it doesn't appear that the functions stanza supports the X wildcard.
Any thoughts on how I could accomplish this?
Corey Lardinois

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