[App_rpt-users] Registration of '42435' rejected: '<unknown>' from: '' Messages

Lawrence Roney roney at chiarappa.com
Tue Dec 27 13:08:01 EST 2016

Hi All,


I have been seeing an abundance of these messages lately on both of my nodes from the "asterisk -r" console.


chan_iax2.c:9728 socket_process: Registration of '42435' rejected: '<unknown>' from: ''


The http://stats.allstarlink.org/ site shows a bunch of nodes reregistering at the same time as mine - so I'm guessing that this is something unrelated to my individual nodes.  


Just wondering if others are seeing this and if it is something that I need to worry about.



R.I.P. Jim Dixon, WB6NIL You will be missed.


Lawrence - N6YFN

42435, 44045


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