[App_rpt-users] RX/TX on DIAL

Josh W4ZZK w4zzkjosh at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 21:12:26 EST 2016

Evening all

Would appreciate a little insight to an issue here. Perhaps this is very

Have the DIAL box pretty much "good to go" with the USB FOB, cabling from a
M120 Motorola, within the hood of a DB25 is a 4n33 Opto for keying the rig
with PP2 (and using PP10 as COR).

To test some abilities, I've gotten Echolink enabled on the node, and have
RX audio from the radio through the computer to echolink, as well as over
the phone to the Portal. This part seems to be just fine.  Unfortunately,
the computer is not sending signal to TX. I have "simpleusb.conf"
configured with:


Have I missed something simple in addressing the machine to use pp2 and
pp10 for rig control, rather than USB FOBs onboard points?

Again, this is new... bear with me as I learn the ropes!

Josh, W4ZZK
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