[App_rpt-users] How to connect two repeaters through a hub ?

Toussaint OTTAVI t.ottavi at bc-109.com
Sat Feb 20 16:19:17 EST 2016

Hi again,

Another "beginner" question :  ;-)
- I have two duplex repeaters (n° 1 and n° 2), on two separate 
mountains. Each one has app_rpt configured and running, alone.
- I'd like to install a hub (n° 3) in the city, to connect repeaters 1 and 2
- the connection must be permanent : the audio of repeater 1 must be 
linked permanently to the audio on repeater 2

I read a lot of things, but I do not really understand what to do :
- Do my repeaters 1 and 2 have to "register" (in iax.conf) to my hub 3, 
as ther would register to allstarlink.org ? If so, how should I declare 
the corersponding "server" in iax.conf on 3 ?
- Do I need to declare 3 in the nodes stanza of 1, and 1 in the nodes 
stanza of 3 ? Or 1 in the nodes standa of 2, and 2 in the nodes stanza 
of 1 ?
- How to make the connection between 1 and 2 (through 3) permanent ? 
(ie, without having to type DTMF commands to connect)

Thank you for this great piece of software ! But I think mastering it 
will require some time, HI :-)

73 de TK1BI

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