[App_rpt-users] Allmon2

larry larry at n7fm.com
Tue Feb 23 12:49:28 EST 2016

This is more of a question for Tim Sawyer but Doug or others may have 
some input as well so decided to post it here.

First let me say...I run a mixture of Acid, BBB & RPi2 nodes and I am 
new user of Allmon.

Just recently I set up Allmon2 so I could group all my nodes on a single 
server for easy monitoring and control.
What I discovered was when using the Allmon2 Control Panel there is a 
selection option that says "Say Time of Day (local only) the TT way"
Not fully comprehending what the outcome would be .. the curiosity 
factor kicked in... Tried it!!

Just happened to be controlling an ACID node at the time. It issued a 
*74 command defined on ACID servers as ilink,16 which is a "Reconnect 
links disconnected with "disconnect all links" command. On the BBB and 
RPi2 installs *74 is not defined by default. The equivalent Reconnect 
function calling ilink,16 is *77 on the BBB and RPi2 which is not  
available in Allmon2. Unless you defined a function *74 on the BBB or 
RPi2 there is no action by Allmon2 in its present configuration.

I do realize that ilink functions can be redefined numerically on a per 
node basis. I would assume it is also possible to customize option 
commands in Allmon along with caption of the function it will perform? 
Can you point me to the file to make or add command changes? Or is the 
solution to reprogram all nodes to match Allmon and whatever *74 is 
customized to perform on each node? if so the Control Panel option 
message ought to be changed as it is misleading.

Any Pointers?


Larry - N7FM

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