[App_rpt-users] Enable Inband DTMF Tones??

mike at midnighteng.com mike at midnighteng.com
Tue Feb 23 13:00:51 EST 2016

A short solution can be to make a command to generate specific DTMF strings.

cop 200 thru 215 – (Send DTMF 0-9,*,#,A-D) (200=0, 201=1, 210=*, etc)

Create the DTMF strings needed and call them from a macro.

I believe the dtmf rules are hard coded in the radio channel.


> Inband means that DTMF is transmitted within the audio of the phone conversation,
> i.e. it is audible to the conversation partners.
> How is this accomplished on a Allstar controlled repeater? In all cases the DTMF
> tones are muted by Allstar and not allowed to be heard by the recieving station.
> This is a use case issue for us, as we need to control other systems down the links
> that are listeningm so we nee in band audio on the tones, which, ideally, should be
> regenerated before transmission.
> We have tried various combination of linktolink=yes  / propagate_dtmf=yes, /  and
> *4, but none of that is working.
> in the following chart of duplex states, there does not seem to be a choice for
> half Duplex w/ telemetry tones, repeated audio, and hangtime..
> duplex=
> Submitted by hwstar on Sun, 05/17/2009 - 14:13
> This configuration option tells app_rpt how to handle audio passed through the
> radio interface. Please note that it does not perform the same function as the
> duplex= configuration option in the configuration file usbradio.conf. In rpt.conf,
> duplex= can be set to one of 5 different modes:
> Mode	Description
> 0	Half duplex with no telemetry tones or hang time. Special Case: Full duplex if
> linktolink is set to yes. This mode is preferred when interfacing with an external
> multiport repeater controller.
> 1	Half duplex with telemetry tones and hang time. Does not repeat audio. This mode
> is preferred when interfacing a simplex node.
> 2	Full Duplex with telemetry tones and hang time. This mode is preferred when
> interfacing a repeater.
> 3	Full Duplex with telemetry tones and hang time, but no repeated audio.
> 4	Full Duplex with telemetry tones and hang time. Repeated audio only when the
> autopatch is down.
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