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Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Tue Feb 23 13:07:18 EST 2016

Take a look at controlpanel.ini.txt

73, Steve N4IRS

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 12:49 PM, larry <larry at n7fm.com> wrote:

> This is more of a question for Tim Sawyer but Doug or others may have some
> input as well so decided to post it here.
> First let me say...I run a mixture of Acid, BBB & RPi2 nodes and I am new
> user of Allmon.
> Just recently I set up Allmon2 so I could group all my nodes on a single
> server for easy monitoring and control.
> What I discovered was when using the Allmon2 Control Panel there is a
> selection option that says "Say Time of Day (local only) the TT way"
> Not fully comprehending what the outcome would be .. the curiosity factor
> kicked in... Tried it!!
> Just happened to be controlling an ACID node at the time. It issued a *74
> command defined on ACID servers as ilink,16 which is a "Reconnect links
> disconnected with "disconnect all links" command. On the BBB and RPi2
> installs *74 is not defined by default. The equivalent Reconnect function
> calling ilink,16 is *77 on the BBB and RPi2 which is not  available in
> Allmon2. Unless you defined a function *74 on the BBB or RPi2 there is no
> action by Allmon2 in its present configuration.
> I do realize that ilink functions can be redefined numerically on a per
> node basis. I would assume it is also possible to customize option commands
> in Allmon along with caption of the function it will perform? Can you point
> me to the file to make or add command changes? Or is the solution to
> reprogram all nodes to match Allmon and whatever *74 is customized to
> perform on each node? if so the Control Panel option message ought to be
> changed as it is misleading.
> Any Pointers?
> Thanks
> Larry - N7FM
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