[App_rpt-users] CM108 USB fob no PTT/red LED

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See enclosed photo..you will need to cut a trace that angles over to the switch on the side of the board with the Red LED, and drill a hole as shown (1/16"), then solder a piece of wire wrap wire from the trace leading to the angle trace (from LED resistor R10) and connect it via the hole to pin 13 on the CM-108. I've done it several times. I kind of like the red LED when I'm troubleshooting the Pi or the BBB rpt_app setup.








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I'm running DIAL on a R-Pi2 into a modified USB fob for connection to my repeater. 

Everything seems to load and be configured fine, but I can't get the fob PTT to trip. I believe the PTT FET is driven from the red LED on the fob (pin13) and I can't get a new unmodded fob to cycle the red LED either.

 Simpleusb-tune-menu "f" test of PTT and audio shows no LED/PTT activity, but tone is OK.

Audio courtesy tones and hang time and receive audio passes the in/out of the fob during COR, just NO keying. 

Now I did install DIAL on the R-Pi2 without CM108 attached if that was important.

Ideas where the config is unright?

Duane KA1LM´╗┐  #42996

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