[App_rpt-users] CM108 USB fob fixed

DuaneVT . selkie2 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 23 21:02:09 EST 2016

Thank you to Steve and Bob for getting right back to me with a
clarification of the PTT mod. My impression was that the red LED was PTT
and not MUTE due to the way the instructions showed the red and green LEDs
without mentioning that they were added to the original PCB. I did the
trace cut to isolate the red 330R resistor and wired to the CM108/13 pin.
Great idea to reuse the onboard red LED. All works fine now.
I noted a Facebook comment apparently referencing these "fob" questions.
Thanks for not offering any help. Perhaps one day I'll know it all like
you. But for now, my hands are full learning Linux, R-Pi2,app_rpt, and
Allstar Link from scratch.
I hope soon to have my MSR2000 linked in the network.
Thanks again for those who took the time to be nice.
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