[App_rpt-users] Seeking more beginner help for GM300/URI/Pi2

Doug Fessler ki7dqg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 01:37:29 EDT 2016

Greetings Experts!

I need more help with my GM300/URI node project.  I thought I was on the
home stretch after struggling through the "RSS on modern hardware" stage;
but, I am still having problems (and I am still new to radio).

I am trying to connect a GM300 VHF 16 channel via a URI to my Raspberry
Pi2. I am also trying to connect an M120 UHF 2 channel via a (separate) URI
to the same Pi2. My friend and I wired the 16 pin accessory cable to DB25
according to the directions we found on Allstar and DMK (we were not using
the COR pin option). Our results were that we could connect to the node via
Zoiper or iaxRpt and talk and we would hear it go out the radio (whichever
one we were testing). We could trigger CW ID, time, etc. and we would hear
it on our handhelds having been transmitted from the GM300's. However, when
we transmitted back from the handhelds, we hear the GM300 receive it on its
speaker, but we don't get any audio back into the
node/soft-clients--although we do hear a courtesy tone generated.

I have since gotten in the GM300 VHF and observed that the JU551 jumper was
in position B, so we rewired the 16 pin accessory to match that. I followed
some instructions to program the GM300 VHF Pin 8 to "CSQ Detect, Output,
No, High" within the "EXT Accessory: Public Address" screen. I still have
the same results.

I have tried adjusting parameters within the usbradio.conf file to no good
effect. I have also tried running radio-tune-menu. I am a little confused
by menu option 3: "Set Rx Voice Level." I don't see the little text signal
indicator fluctuating although it does occasionally flash up and then
disappear. The simpleusb-tune-menu command errors out with "Error parsing
device parameters."

My friend and I have a growing discouragement about this project, and to
make matters worse, we're entering the stage where we have changed too many
things. I guess I am seeking answers to these questions:

* Would someone be willing to send me a copy of their usbradio.conf file to
examine if they are successfully running this configuration?

* Is running two nodes on one Pi2 causing me additional issues?

* Should I see the radio-tune-menu Set Rx Voice Level indicator moving
fluidly when the radio is receiving?

* Are "CSQ Detect, Output, No, High" within the "EXT Accessory: Public
Address" screen the settings I want to program pin 8 on the radio? I notice
that there are a lot of other screens besides Public Address.

My thanks in advance to those offering help.


ki7dqg at gmail.com
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