[App_rpt-users] chan_dstar status ?

Barry g8sau at sidx.org.uk
Fri Jul 1 12:26:56 EDT 2016

At 09:03 01/07/2016, Toussaint OTTAVI wrote:
>I'll start playing around with D-Star. What's the current status of 
>chan_dstar ? Does someone have a link to some documentation / howto ? 
>Which AMBE devices are actually supported ? Are there somme people running 
>it ? What would be the caveats ?

I have run it for the past 6+ years on XRF044
Ramesh VA3UV runs it for the past 8+ years on XRF005

there are others. its easy to use I dont have documentation as such but can 
provide example configs to those who want it.

I run XRF044 >< Allstar 27370

Barry G8SAU

>Thank you in advance.
>73 de TK1BI
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