[App_rpt-users] usbfobs

Steve Wright info at meshnetworks.co.nz
Sun Jul 3 22:11:30 EDT 2016

On 04/07/16 13:47, app_rpt-users-request at ohnosec.org wrote:
> When I asked for information on the CM108/119, the manufacture indicated
> they were no longer making the chips, and recommended a newer version. I
> wondered if many of these with potting are nothing more than nock-off parts,
> covered so you can't see they are not the real part (no label); not that it
> matters if they can't be modified any how. Don't know.

CM119 chips can be bought new off alibaba.com for cents each, qty 1, and 
free freight, and a breakout board to mount them is equally trivial.


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