[App_rpt-users] Holy schtuff! Just got the CHIP

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Fri Jul 8 15:48:08 EDT 2016

Hi y'all,

Well...this could be fun...

I just got the CHIP from

They're finally catching up all these preorders; I orderd way back after Thanksgiving when they had $1 off, so you could get the $9 CHIP for $8. Well, really, $13, because of $5 shipping. OK fine. If you thought the Pi was small, this thing is even smaller. Built-in wifi and bluetooth, 4GB onboard storage., 1 USB port, 1 micro USB (which I think can also send data, but is mostly for power), one connectory for audio out+video or audio out+mic in No SD card slot...I don't think it's big enough for one anyway. Oh, and no ethernet. Again, is it even big enough? Now...if I can get a version of DIAL rolled together for it. ...or a version of asterisk with app_rpt built on its Ubuntu derivative... Heck...the USB audio interface might just be bigger than the computer. *Hmm* And interestingly, this is slightly more than. bare circuit board, even with no case on it it actually has the board mounted in something. I really could just about see a handheld All Star node with one of these strapped to the back of a handheld. 

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