[App_rpt-users] Holy schtuff! Just got the CHIP

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Fri Jul 8 22:48:29 EDT 2016

On 7/8/16 10:12 PM, Shane Morris wrote:
> Further food for thought, I once contacted the fellow who is considered *the
> man* when it comes to porting Plan 9 to new hardware platforms. I wanted a
> port of Plan 9 to the Dragino (which is now the brains of the Arduino Yun
> as well). I low balled him on the contract, he said it wasn't even worth
> his time. He said it would be *easy for him* given the Dragino spec
> hardware I was getting for him had a serial debug port, but the colour of
> my money wasn't quite right. You can tell I shelved that one pretty quickly.

Wow, Plan 9!  I know the Murray Hill guys were still supporting it, but that's
cool.  Don't know if it makes Nokia much money though :)

> I'm not saying this to be negative, I'm only outlining it to illustrate the
> hurdles. As far as I remember, I was the first person on the list to
> suggest the original RPi as a development target. Jim Dude told me straight
> out, that wasn't going to happen. When Doug come up with the goods, I was
> beyond surprised, but I've never looked at his code. Needless to say, I
> think the code is genius, and mere mortals like myself can only stand on
> the shoulders of such giants. It was also around the time Doug come out
> with his initial code packages that I took a backseat from this world, as I
> was put on standby for all the work I had been doing up till that point
> with voting RoIP networks. The knock on effect is, I haven't seen my good
> friends who assist me on that weekend for two years. I only ever see them
> once a year, but they remain close friends. 

Perhaps we could schedule an app_rpt "hack-a-thon" meeting with all the
development people.  I'd love some help understanding app_rpt.c as I've made
some modifications but can't get my head around everything.

It would be cool to see everyone in the same place and get some cool stuff
moving forward.  Thoughts?

We might be able to do this at DCC in September.

Bryan Fields

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