[App_rpt-users] usb fobs

B. McIntosh [Pace] bmcintosh at paceprofessional.co.uk
Sat Jul 9 03:54:21 EDT 2016

I got very frustrated trying to source suitable usb fobs in the UK. Various
alternative solutions such as the URI seem to attract too many on-costs for
shipping, customs etc to make them viable alternatives over here in
Scotland.   I decided to design a circuit board to integrate a CM119 with
one of the small Dorji radio modules which has proved succcessful, the
resulting nodes being integrated into a 2.4Ghz AREDN network.


Since then I did a much smaller board that provides just the functionality
of a usb fob but with better RF filtering and an 8P8C socket for the radio
interface.  It is possible to obtain PCBs from Itead for example, for only a
few dollars, even in production runs of as little as 10. The CM119s I
sourced from AliExpress. All have seemed ok so far. I also got some from a
mainstream US chip supplier. That is not to say that there won't be supply
problems in the future - just relating my experience.

Making your own isn't for everyone, but it really isn't that hard to do and
I find it's a more pleasant experience than trying to bodge existing fobs.


Bernie GM4WZG

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