[App_rpt-users] Wireless ISP help

Eric Meth ve3ei at iescomm.ca
Mon Jul 11 07:10:47 EDT 2016

Skyler. The answer in this case is to us a VPN to your home or other 
location that Internet with a Public IP address. You effectively run a 
tunnel to that IP and that is the on you control. You are creating a 
tunnel from that location to your wireless site. One of the most popular 
is OpenVPN but has a steep learning curve. A good alterternatin is 
Softether https://www.softether.org/ from Japan, it is open source, 
emulates openVPN and others and allows a vpn connection. It is available 
for Window, Mac and Linux so should be east to add.

Eric Meth - ve3ei

On 11/07/2016 12:13 AM, Skyler F wrote:
> We are getting internet from a microwave link wireless ISP on a 
> mountiantop. According to Mountain Broadband, ports are not blocked, 
> and they don't have a firewall.
> However, when I plug my computer or router into the jack, I am 
> automatically assigned a 10.1.50.x address. Why is this happening? I 
> never requested an IP manually, it assigned me a DHCP IP.
> Inbound ports are all blocked to my router behind the DHCP IP address 
> when I try to login under the public IP.
> However... the mountaintop site has a static Public IP that is unique 
> to itself.
> Can someone explain how this works, and what information I need 
> exactly to get inbound port forwarding to work to my mikrotik router 
> from whatever Mountain Broadband has behind it ?
> 73
> Skyler
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